About Us

About US

UPSILON started in 2003,we has grown from a small workshop of OEM for telescoping products, into a globally recognized brand for telescoping technologies with own design and solutions.

After having made the ideas of over 2,000 customers’ design projects, we have more than 1800 different kinds of case study and more than 1000 of different molds to save your money.

Our experienced engineers and sales team will help you make the idea to reality!


UPSILON TELESCOPING POLE is the only company in the world to specialize in using metal telescopic tubing to solve unique engineering and industrial challenges.

For over 10 years, we’ve worked with global clients, in more than 50 industries, and delivered thousands simple, yet effective, customized engineering solutions for a wide array of challenges.


Kevin Wang


Kevin Wang, the CEO of JYJ, began to do telescoping products since 2003. He began from an producing engineer. As an experienced engineer, he began our own factory in 2010. He have been worked for more than 1000+ clients across a range of products for Households, Garden Tooling, Hardware, Sports, Travel & Tourism and more from all the world. Because his original job is an engineer, even he is an president now, he pay most of his attention to the quality.


Global Sales Director

Jessie is in charge of International projects. She has managed over 700 projects ranging from golf ball retrievers to selfie sticks, hardware tools and customized industrial and retail solutions. She is familiar with any kinds of telescoping products, and she knows how to communicate with the clients to make the suitable solutions.
She is familiar with the procession and molds for telescoping products.


Head Engineer

She has 8 years experience for telescoping products design, he is familiar with a variety of metal materials and production processes, such as stamping, plating, assembling and so on. She is good at drawing soft like the Autocad,Coreldraw,Pro-e, She helps to make drawings and give the best solutions for telescoping polees.
She and her team help more than 500 clients to make their idea to reality products.

James Chen

CNC Specialist

James have more than 15 years experience in CNC filed, as worked on CNC workshop for many years, he familiar most of the CNC machines. He knows all kinds of material, such as aluminum, brass, steel and others, and make them from a piece to various different shape of accessories to make the poles connected to other parts. He familiar to the drawings and make the accessories according customers’ drawings.

Andrew Wu

Production Manager

He plan all the orders to make ensure all the products produced on time, make sure all the production processes go smoothly. He set the stand for every procession to make sure the products pass standard and on time. He assist to train the staffs when making new products and new projects, to make sure the products’ quality and finished in time.

Tony Sun

QC Director

He Strict inspect all the material, the processing, the surface finished from our suppliers and the finished products, to make sure every procession goes as stand and give the good products as the rate at 99%. He make sure all the finished products have 100% checking before package, to give customers the best quality for all products.


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