Interview for Jessie Chu

Name: Jessie Chu

Years in the Industry:   ___12_years_______

Years at Upsilon pole:  ______12_years____

Specializations:  _ telescopic tubing’s structure. A telescoping structure is the most important for a telescoping products. Help clients to choose a most suitable structure.

1)  Why did you choose to go into the industrial design and engineering space?

I come in upsilon by chance, but when I know more about the telescoping pole, I love them. I am a little short, it is a disease in my heart. Telescoping pole make my arm longer, they make me higher. It is very internesting  to make different strong and beautiful telescoping products.


2)  What aspect of the industry do you find most challenging?

Different clients needs different structure, I need to know their item well, then I can suggest a best structure to them, it needs more structures to service more clients. I need to think more new structure for telescoping.


3)  How do you cope with being in a male dominated Industry?

I always talk them what I think and point out their mistake directly. It is easier to communicate directly and get right answers quicker.


4)  What type of young women should pursue a career in industrial design and engineering?

The one who is interesting to make new things, to take what he think to a things you can take in hand, it is suitable for her to do industrial design and engineering.


5)  What is your most memorable project, and why?

I used to make many designs during the years working in upsilon. I help a customers who sale the products to Wal-Mart and SAM’S to finish a new design for tent. It is a car tent used black telescoping poles,  when the tent is closed, it is a small package, when you use it, what amazing, it is very big that can accommodate many people.



Bonus:  What 3 items would you take with you to a deserted island?

A fruit picker. A telescoping tent, yes, a  tent  that make by myself. Mabey a fishing pole.

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